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Collagen Face Thread Lifting


Fine Thread Lift, a newly-introduced innovation from Korea, already approved by both FDA of Korea is newest alternative, created to dramatically Shaping, Lifting and tightening your Face and Neck, Suppressing your wrinkles, Recover a youthful look without surgery. No need for any recovery session at all after treatment so you can easily walk out to continue to proceed with your routine activities as normal. No residue left after treatment harm your body and the Treatment ‘s Result can last up to 2 years.

After treatment, patient is allowed to go home and continue to do any normal activities. Threads them-self can completely dissolve in period of 6-8 months where the built Collagen Structure shall sustain Skin’s tightness. The Facial skin will continue to gradually improve giving obvious result in one to two years.

However in rare case, after treatment, there is a possibility of some swollen/bruises during next 3-7 days. Some patient may have some uncomfortable feeling during next few days after treatment. However all symptoms shall completely disappear few days afterwards. After all 2-3 weeks later, the patient shall be able to undergo any treatment, such as Laser or Facial treatment as normal. There is no side effect in any long term, since in 6-8 months all threads shall be completely dissolving them-self, left nothing behind to harm our bodies.

Advantage of Treatments

  1. Encourage the collagen production .Playing big role in regaining the Youth look, skin Health, shallower Cheek Lines, tightening facial skin. Even for 1st time of treatment, we could simply notice the obvious outcome
  2. Diminishing wrinkles
  3. Adjust the Facial Contour such as shaper Jaw Line. Quickly show the result of Reducing fat and wrinkles under your chin. Adjusting the Nose Shape.
  4. Lifting the down-angle eye tails, adjusting eye brows, lifting mouth’s angle and shaping chin .
  5. Enhancing the circulation of blood and energy to create a healthy and brightening skin.
  6. Tightening the forearms, hip, chest and sagged belly with a long-lasting result which can last up to year(s)

Fine Thread Lift is a newest innovation created to Tighten, Shaping and Face Lifting, Suppressing your wrinkles, Recover a youthful look and is an ultimately new choice for a Non-Surgery Treatment. No surgery shall be done with Fine Thread Lift, so you can easily walk out to continue to proceed with your routine activities as normal.

Why select Fine Thread Lift ?

Fine Thread Lift is a quickest way to Face Lifting Treatment, using specifically-chosen Threads, certified by both FDA of Korea and Thailand. Usually for the Fine Thread Lift process, a PDO (which is a Dissolvable material) is conventionally used for stitching the Cardio-vascular tissues by Cardiologists, so there is very light possibilities to cause any Allergic problem once applied to our skins. In general this thread gradually dissolves itself in 6-8 months, with no residues left to cause any Side Effect to your bodies.

Process of Thread Face Lifting

After apply the Anesthetic cream on treatment area for 30-45 minus before treatment, Physicians shall sew the Thread (which is clung to the tip of needle) to the skin’s tissues by means of a typical technique of thread lifting. Contour or Profile of patient’s Face defines the way Physician performs thread lifting in this 20-40 minutes treatment process.

Threads stimulate a contraction of subcutaneous collagen, reconstructing of new vascular and better blood circulations, in order to create a healthy Facial Skin. Since this would also encourage a Collagen Producing around the Threads, then the tightening skin shall be easily spotted.

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