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Lips Embroidery

Not everyone is born with great luscious lips. Nowadays semi-permanent makeup like eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner embroidery , lip embroidery has made it so easy to stay beautiful like a natural beauty without having to put on real makeup. So what if you have no makeup skills? You don’t need to anymore.

Imagine just you just need to put on lip gloss to get that kissable and irresistible lips? This is what lip embroidery will do for you.

I know every lady hated it especially when it comes to putting on lip stick. Aren’t you tired that
every time you eat or bite on your lips, the lipsticks get ruined and you have to constantly remind
yourself to put it on again and again? Having lip embroidery done is not just for convenience
sake but it helps to shape your lips to a more prefect shape to guide that lip stick or lip gloss application.

So I am sure one of you concern is… ‘Is it that my lips are going to be just one colour ‘Forever’? I suggest you go for lighter tones like pink if you still want to play around with your lipsticks after. Anyway semi-permament lip embroidery color will last about 5 years depending on your lips texture..

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